HCG Injections Las Vegas Cost

HCG Injections Las Vegas Cost

HCG injections Las Vegas cost can vary.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein found in human tissue; primarily the stomach, liver and lungs. HCG, is comprised of 244 amino acids that are found in large quantities in the placenta of pregnant women. HCG is also naturally produced by non-pregnant women and in men in low quantities.

When HCG injections Las Vegas cost is considered and injected for weight loss, the process allows the patient to significantly reduce the quantity of food they need to fully keep their energy levels up throughout the day. At Body Lounge Las Vegas we focus on long term weight loss maintenance and we prescribe a healthy diet based on the eating habits of the patient.

In addition to ordering blood work and providing other testing, we talk about medical history, the causes of weight gain, and we modify the weight loss program to an individual’s unique lifestyle. The diets we create support a healthy lifestyle and focus on burning the fat stored in the body, while lean muscle mass is preserved. And for those who think they will remain hungry, many of our HCG patients say they are eating more than they normally would.

In addition to the diet, and in order to achieve fast, long lasting results, we believe in treating the entire cause of weight gain, not just the food intake portion.
We proudly offer patients ongoing support throughout the process, keeping HCG injections Las Vegas cost in mind and by way of follow ups with each patient. We are unyielding when it comes to patient contact as we strongly believe that forming a strong relationship with our patients is a major part of what sets our program apart from others in the valley.

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