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Buttocks injections are all the rage nowadays and the buttocks injections Las Vegas experts are Body Lounge Las Vegas on Rainbow and Charleston. Spending time and money at the gym can be costly and tiring, while buttocks injections are safe, convenient, and quick.

At Body Lounge Vegas, we use high quality Sculptra, which is an FDA-cleared lift-derma-filler that replaces collagen and reduces wrinkles. Results can be seen immediately after each one-hour session and there is no recovery time needed, which is perfect for the women always on the go.

Enhanced self-confidence and higher self-esteem are common side effects of our buttocks injection sessions at Body Lounge. Our experienced staff are available 5 days a week to discuss your journey to the butt of your dreams. Appointments can be made by calling (702) 463-9159 or by going online to http://bll.vegas/contact-body-lounge-las-vegas.
Our butts go through a lot with aging, childbirth, weight loss/gain, and general lifestyle habits, and nothing's worst than having a flat or sagging rear end. Our buttocks injections Las Vegas experts at Body Lounge Las Vegas are trained to revive flat booties and help build confidence in all of our clients. Save time and money by skipping the gym and heading to Body Lounge instead, where our professionals can discuss your best options to having the butt of your dreams.

At Body Lounge Vegas, we’ve combined the newest technology and high quality Sculptra to create a convenient and quick nonsurgical procedure that requires absolutely no down time. Sculptra is a lift-derma-filler that stimulates collagen and fills worn-out tissue in areas of the body where it’s desired. It generally lasts up to two years, wherein the product is safely absorbed in the body.

The procedure, which generally takes an hour or less, starts with numbing the bottom to prevent soreness. Sculptra is then injected into the designated areas and results can be seen almost immediately. After the procedure is complete, our team of professionals will provide you with an individualized recovery plan and instructions to make the most of your buttocks injection.

Butt lift sessions at Body Lounge are so quick, you can do them on your lunch break or in the morning before work. With minimal recovery time and discomfort, this is truly the best way to achieve a firmer, larger butt without the stress of constantly having to work out and drive to the gym.

Take the step toward a firmer, better butt at Body Lounge Vegas by visiting our expert staff for a consultation today. Appointments can be made at http://bll.vegas/contact-body-lounge-las-vegas or by calling (702) 463-9159.
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