Las Vegas Butt Lift

Las Vegas Butt Lift

Las Vegas Butt Lift

Do you have flat or sagging buttocks? A pioneering, surgery-free technique to augment the behind is available and we call it the Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift.

Childbirth, lifestyle habits and age can take a big toll on your rear end. And it can be difficult to change the size and shape of the buttocks using diet or exercise. In general, dieting cannot “target” specific areas of the body. And increasing the muscle mass of the rear end can be time consuming and frustrating. So, if you’re looking for a little “lift” in this area, with no down time, consider the non-surgical, minimally invasive Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift at Body Lounge Las Vegas.

Do You Need a Butt Lift?

The signs you may need a butt lift include:

  • Sagging of flat buttocks
  • A desire to have more volume in rear end
  • A healthy patient with reasonable expectations

During a consultation at Body Lounge Las Vegas, we can determine if you’re a good candidate for a butt lift procedure.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an FDA-cleared lift-derma-filler that is used for treatment of facial volume loss. Made with poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra replaces lost collagen and works well to reduce pockets and wrinkles on the face. Since 1999 this product has been broadly used around the world and the treatment has been performed in over 30 countries on more than 200,000 patients.

Over several months, Sculptra is injected directly into the affected area, with a series of treatments. Little by little, Sculptra stimulates collagen and fills out the worn-out tissue. Results of Sculptra can last as long as two years. Within time, the product is safely absorbed by your body.

Besides smoothing the face, experts have realized that Sculptra can also work miracles on one’s posterior. This is great news for many women because Sculptra is not an implant and without the expense and complications of implants, you can get and see equivalent results.

How the Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift Works

Each Sculptra treatment can be accomplished within an hour. The butt is numbed to prevent soreness and iced to reduce inflammation. Patients will see an immediate change in appearance because of the Sculptra and it is indicative of what you can expect with the final results.

As the Sculptra begins to work, you will begin to see a change to your buttocks. Your butt will seem fuller than before, enhancing your natural curves. A patient’s preferred results usually take from two to four treatments, timed at least three weeks apart.

After the Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift

After your Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift, you will receive an individualized recovery plan that is designed to minimize any discomfort and maximize your results. Please follow the instructions carefully and feel free to ask questions after your treatment. If necessary, we’ll schedule any recommended follow-up treatments before your discharge.

There is no recovery time following the Sculptra Las Vegas Butt Lift procedure. Rarely, there may be some bruising after your procedure which will dissipate within two to three weeks. As one of the nation’s experts on using Sculptra, we’ve reduce the probability of bumps after treatment and we administer a quick massage to the treated area insuring that the Sculptra is distributed evenly.

Make an appointment at Body Lounge Las Vegas

Once your treatment is complete, you are free to enjoy your stunning and wonderful results. Most patients will see a subtle but significant lift of their rear end even after the second session, making the buttocks appear more youthful, contoured and proportional to the rest of the body. Our patients are thrilled with their results time and time again, telling us that they experience a rush of confidence, an increase in their self-esteem and a boost in their quality of life.

So, are you ready to lift your butt while lifting your spirits? Call us today to schedule a consultation.